Rapidly adapt your
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for a changing


Harness people power for organisational change with extraordinary outcomes 


Lift employee engagement in change to over 80% 


Get focused and immediate outcomes     in 90 days


Scale-up a sustainable organisation change with 50% less investment

We know changing an organisation can be hard, but it doesn't have to be

Avoid the complexity trap

Organisations are already 6 X more complex than 50 years ago. Adding more complexity just creates overload & slows things down.

Signs organisation change has gone wrong:

  • Too many consultants & methods adding complexity and cost
  • Overloaded, disengaged people
  • A disconnected, siloed organisation
  • A significant productivity dip

Our Fire up difference

We have a simple HOW TO do-it-yourself formula to fire up organisational change.

You and your champion team are setup for success to rapidly scale-up organisation change.   With our formula you can harness your people power - with the right focus, and the right way to engage and empower your frontline teams to scale up the change.

Our packaged offers blends the best of what we know works in today's world, with human-centred organisation design and change. It suits any organisation and need, from creating a change hub to supporting a full enterprise transformation.

change leadership
Your first 90 days | Fire Up Solutions

You get what you need,  anywhere on your journey

  • At the start

  • Reset post crisis or restructure

  • Scaling up a major operating change

Who we are

We have experienced many waves of change, across many industries. We know what works, and we are informed by the latest thinking.

We’ve been a lean collaboration of experts since 2016 who have been involved in some of the most challenging transformations in Australia such as QANTAS, Woolworths, and in government, education and aged care.

Our work

Woolworths | Our Work | Fire Up Solutions


Australian Defence Force | Our Work | Fire Up Solutions

Australian Defence Force

Community and Transport Service Organisation Consulting | Qantas


ACH Group | Organisation Change Consulting | Fire Up Solutions

ACH Group


You have made an enormous contribution to creating momentum… and helped our leaders gain valuable insights to lead change


What an honour to receive this award…it shows you what one voice can do, but two voices can create an unstoppable movement. Thanks so much for supporting me to deliver an engaging journey for the organisation to lift capability. ”

GM Risk, Business Continuity & Operations

Thank-you for your guidance on our Logistics journey to bring to life our strategy and operating model   … I’m fired up!

EGM Logistics

"Every one of us gained a really good grounding in how to go about a co-creation project such as this. You showed us the way and we took your valuable inputs and structured the project in a much better way than if we had not had your guidance."

COO - Government regulator

Latest insights

Power up guidance and tools

WTF is the new normal? | Fire Up Solutions
Fires, climate change, floods, pandemics, the disruption we are seeing really is never-ending. I think we have all decided the ‘new normal’ means that with the ongoing disruption, our organisations need to be in crisis response mode the whole time.
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People They're Your Fuel For Change | Human Centred Change
People power is grassroots change, it’s driven by people, it can be organic and challenge the norm such as the extinction or me too movement. It’s often very powerful and deeply emotive. But what does it have to do with fueling organisational change?
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Organisational Change | Leading with a light touch on the controls? | Fire Up Solutions
During a storm, like the one we are going through right now requires leading with a light touch on the controls. This may go against all of our intuition particularly in a storm where all you really want to do is grip tightly when things get rough.
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Are you heading for a restructure cluster? | Organisational Change | Fire Up Solutions
Many of you, I’m sure are leading or being impacted by restructuring right now. The challenge in times like these, is that leaders often just want to rip the band aid off and get it over and done with quickly. I’m almost certain that most of you want to do it the right way however, when the structure part of the restructure is given the priority then impacts can be significant…
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What's keeping you up at night? | Human Centred Change | Fire Up Solutions
One of the first questions we ask leaders when we start to work with them is what’s keeping you up a night? It’s the sort of question that elicits all sorts of interesting answers. But importantly it often points us to the heart of what needs to be addressed, something impacting their people or them personally.
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It's Time to Embrace the Change | Rapid Organisational Change
With the novelty of the first isolation now feeling so yesterday, we are almost back to normal. We are busier than ever with back to back meetings (just on zoom now) and budget cuts. But is it really back to normal? The World Economic Forum predicts a massive mountain of change this year more than 10 X the past 10 years combined
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