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Lutheran Education

Lutheran Education VIC/NSW/TAS Set Up For Success for Sustainability with an Employee Value Proposition

The Challenge

Lutheran Education (LEVNT) operates 20 schools and four Early Childhood Services, aspiring to provide Christ-centered quality education for over 7,100 students. The strategic plan aims to establish a sustainable school system by fostering collaboration, focusing on the future, and prioritising the needs of educators and staff. In a competitive education landscape, retaining teachers and staff is crucial for seizing upcoming opportunities.


  • Conducted several collaborative sessions involving 20 principals and business managers to develop a system-wide employee value proposition (EVP). 
  • Additionally, an EVP workforce survey was conducted to identify factors influencing employee retention. 
  • Generated a detailed EVP insights report to guide subsequent actions.
  • Scoped system-level initiatives, formulated readiness plans, and provided an EVP toolkit for all Principals.


  • Successfully aligned and engaged 100% of Principals and Business Managers on the retention/engagement/attraction challenge.
  • Guided an approach to challenge the thinking and co-design an actionable retention plan with early and system-level wins.
  • Implemented early wins identified in the collaboration session.
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