It’s time to reimagine the way your organisation works.

It's Time to
Reimagine the Way
Your Organisation Works

Our 'Do it Yourself' System
Empowers Your People
To Deliver Rapid Change


Empower your people for impact that matters

When you empower your people, they do their best work. If you give them space to innovate they create change with real impact.
Lift Customer and Employee Experience

Lift Customer & Employee Experience

quality and compliance

Strengthen Quality & Compliance 

Wellbeing and caring communities

Foster Growth & Communities That Care



It’s a real challenge. Your people are so overloaded with regulatory compliance and disconnected changes. Constant change means all their time is spent ‘putting out spot fires’ and being ‘drawn into the weeds’ trying to make sense of it all. They can’t lift out to innovate and create the change you need.

It's time. Throw away the industrial age rule book.

You need to do change in a different way. It needs to be people-centred.

Let us help you. Free capacity. Fire up your people for rapid change.

The Fire Up Formula™

Organisation change is easier when you know how. Let us guide you through the journey.
  • Empower your people

    People embrace change they create themselves. We mentor your leaders and teams with human centred design tools and expertise to listen, create innovative solutions and scale-up your change.
  • Connect it up

    We’ll help you focus on what matters. We’ll lift your leaders capacity to lead change connected to the ’big picture’ : to reduce the complexity of old systems & processes and focus the change effort for maximum impact.
  • Take it step by step: for rapid results

    Our cost-effective packaged services get you moving quickly, in small steps. You will engage up to 80% of your people, keep it all connected for collective action and get results within 90 days.

Set up for success

We understand how hard it is to change the way complex organisations work. Our cost-effective suite of packaged services get you moving quickly, in small steps that deliver immediate results.
Quick Start | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions
Set your organisation change journey up for rapid success

We'll help you conduct an initial review of your change needs, apply our Fire up formula and you'll get an actionable plan for your change in 48 hrs.

Fire Up | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions
Create momentum as your leaders actively sponsor the change

We'll get your leaders firing as one team; scope the change, equip them to lead 'whole of organisation'  change and engage others for rapid buy-in

Focus | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions
Engage more people to shape your change & focus the effort

We'll ensure you have everything you need to sharpen the focus of your change; including listening to your customers/employees & 'connect it up' ready to scale.

Scale Up | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions
Successfully scale-up a connected organisation change

We'll help you engage everyone for collective effort with our menu of services including coaching, facilitation and specialist support to meet your unique needs.

Fit for the Change Journey Ahead?

Take our FREE 'Fit For Change' Scorecard to benchmark your readiness for a transformation.

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Fire Up Extraordinary Outcomes

Meet Angela Frith and James Langanke, the Founders of Fire Up Solutions.

They are organisation change experts who specialise in working with complex highly regulated organisations. They've been a lean collaboration of experts since 2016, involved in some of the most challenging transformations in Asia Pacific.

Ready to fire up extraordinary changes in your organisation? Schedule a free discovery call and let's get started.


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