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Leading Australian government regulator - Fired up an organisation wide change

In response to APS reform and increased demand on its services, the leading Australian government regulator was seeking to reshape the way it operates and become future-fit.

We were engaged by the COO to facilitate a collaborative stakeholder engagement process with the goal to develop a corporate plan, shared vision and identify changes for the organisation operating model.


  • Established a champion team to clarify intent - Why, How, What
  • Co-designed the engagement sessions with the champion team
  • Co-facilitated multiple engagement sessions with all levels of leadership to gather inputs for a more detailed corporate plan, shared vision, values and operating model changes.
  • Prepared a larger champion team to mobilise change more broadly across the organisation in the state offices.
  • Completed a Fire up™ organisational change assessment to develop findings and the roadmap for the next steps.


  • Set up leaders to lead and champion engagement nationally
  • Engaged 80% of staff to input into the vision and corporate plan, leveraging virtual support across 8 national sites
  • Energised and engaged the whole workforce
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