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Woolworths Logistics Operating Model Transformation

Woolworths Supply Chain was undergoing a complex transformation during a period of disruption in the retail industry. The logistic function spans a network of distribution centres that moves over 1B stock items ($60B pa. revenue) for all the partner brands. 

Fire up set-up senior leaders for success in transformation through a series of sessions to find the focus, articulate the vision, then reshape the operating model and support them step by step as they mobilised the change.


In response to changed market conditions, as part of an Enterprise-wide program, ‘Fuel for Growth’ the Board demanded a 10% productivity improvement from the supply chain function.


Fire up guided the leadership team on a journey to reshape the operating model and mobilise change, including:

  • Shift leaders day to day ways of working to help them free capacity and develop new ways of working with their teams
  • Lift leaders capacity and capability to lead change and partner with the Woolworths business units more effectively
  • Envisage a more customer-centric way to operate and develop a new state-based operating model
  • Engage frontline leaders in a ‘live’ prototype of the operating model


  • Set leaders up for success first by freeing capacity and improved team effectiveness for transformation
  • Successfully launched changes to top line structures, role design and core processes for 8,000 employees, 33 DCs, 5 states
  • Uncovered a 10% ‘hidden’ productivity dividend
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