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Get setup for success in 2024

Create an actionable plan & investment case for change in 48 hours.
We’ll help you assess your needs & then apply our Fire up formula™ for human-centred change.

Our Quickstart package is explicitly designed to help sponsors overloaded with high levels of change and complexity.

We help you rapidly plan an organisation change - whether it's a strategy refresh, leadership uplift or major workforce restructure/plan.

For a small investment of your time in a workshop, within 48 hours, you'll get a board-ready pack to make your case for change. During the 3-hr session with Fire up experts, you'll discover how to cut-through the complexity:

  • Clarify WHY and WHAT needs focus
  • Build an actionable plan, learning HOW to put people in the centre of your change for 3X ROI - including freeing your people's capacity
  • Unlock cost savings you can reinvest
  • Your essential next steps to get traction
  • Evidence Base

    For all our recommendations we draw on your data, leading research and case studies.

  • pdca
    An actionable plan

    Get traction with a roadmap, early wins, clear prioritised initiatives and all your resource needs.

  • 3 times ROI
    Early wins and savings

    We are proud of our 100% track record in finding early savings for reinvestment and achieving 3X ROI.

What others say

'You have made an enormous contribution to creating momentum and helped our leaders gain valuable insights to lead change.'

Geoff Officer - Chief Operating Officer

What else we offer

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