Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

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Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

As the growth in population is projected to be 900,000 by 2036, the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta planned to redevelop a site for education, religious and community needs. 

We were engaged in conjunction with BDO to lead a collaborative process to create a shared vision, organisation model and recommend next steps.


  • Engaged over 30 community groups to gather stories & develop personas to deepen understanding of community and family needs 
  • Guided a core team to facilitate a series of future points of view sessions including the student learning and formation journeys 
  • Facilitated collaborative workshops with 30-50 participants  including Catholic education and diocesan leaders to: 
    • Reimagine the future needs of the community for a shared vision
    • Co-design the services to support students and family-centric ways to operate including shared corporate and learning services   
  • Lifted leader capability to start to mobilise community change  


  • Successfully aligned 30 stakeholder groups on future
  • Key inputs to DA for approval by Parramatta council 
  • Created momentum for community change  
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