Australian Defence Force Governance Realignment

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Australian Defence Force Governance Realignment

The aim of the JSF program, the largest investment in Defence history was to provide for Australia's future air combat and strike needs.

In conjunction with Helmsman, collaborated with senior leaders to align to One Defence principles while improving the overall governance and operating rhythm to lift performance.

Guiding senior leaders to first identify needs and shift ways of working meant a strong focus on change leadership was required through individual coaching of the executive team, development of engagement artefacts and a collaborative and engaging approach in a high pressure environment.


  • Conducted a 2 day executive workshop to help ‘find the focus’ identify key priorities and  then start to develop new capabilities with teams 
  • Envisaged a business partnering way to operate across Defence 
  • Engaged frontline leaders in ‘real life’ scenarios for simulations and to improve effectiveness of their decision making 
  • Lifted leaders capacity and capability to operate more effectively and start to orchestrate change


  • Set leaders up for success first by freeing capacity and improving trust
  • Successfully developed a range of products to support effective engagement and culture shift  across the ADF
  • Unlocked a range of productivity benefits in the Executive team to enable alignment to  ‘One Defence’ principles.
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