Are you Heading for a Restructure Cluster?

Today, the topic that is no doubt in front of mind for many boards and executive teams is the often dreaded word, restructure. Many of you are leading or being impacted by restructuring right now. The challenge in times like these is that leaders often just want to rip the band-aid off and get it over and done with quickly. A word of caution, if it’s not done well, it not only will bring tears to your people’s eyes, it’ll hurt you and your organisation and could be even worse for your customers.

Now I’m almost certain that most people will want to do it the right way. But it’s at this time that people often go straight to structure, without reimagining the future and thinking about your customer needs and how you might take advantage of new opportunities.

The problem is it can create a lot more complexity, disconnection, disengagement and really stuff up your company, your customers and the bottom line. Often there is an absence of clear communication so your people make it up. People can end up sticking knives in each other’s backs as they feel threatened and don’t feel safe. Survivors end up with survivor guilt and it can cause the worst mental health impacts, with the Australian “toughen up sweetheart attitude” that we see all too often. And the end result can be a massive productivity dip.

But your restructure can be an opportunity for renewal. If you rebuild your business to thrive and take care of all of your people now, it will set you up for the uncertainties of the future.

There are 3 points to consider for your next restructure;

  1. Really support your people. Lead with engagement, respect and trust. You can do it well If you keep your people informed and engaged, it will make all the difference to those left with you and make the experience for those that are leaving much more positive.
  2. Understand all the scenarios for the future. Seek different perspectives to ensure you have all angles covered.
  3. Consider what you need to do to become more flexible. You want to weather the next storm and be able to rapidly adapt and change your team, workforce or your organisation.

Take a moment to consider how to do your restructure differently.

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