Australia’s Biggest Public Transport Project

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NSW government - Sydney Metro

Australia's biggest public transport project

Sydney Metro (SM) is implementing a world-class transport network of driverless trains across Sydney, increasing rail transport movements from 25,000 to 40,000 per day.


The enterprise security (ESEC) function was the  ’go to’ team for security requirements. Fire up was engaged to refresh the strategy and adopt a more contemporary, intelligence-driven model to assure security-related risks and comply with Cyber legislative obligations.


Fire up guided the ESEC Team on the steps to operationalise the strategy and helped to:

  • Facilitate the process to get aligned on ESEC strategy and refine the enterprise operating model
  • Develop the roadmap and change plans to operationalise the strategy
  • Review the ESEC team’s organisation design, structure and role needs
  • Uplift the ESEC team’s capability to partner more effectively across SM
  • Co-develop an enterprise capability building and change program to uplift employee and partner skills in incident management across the SM enterprise.
  • We designed the leader roadshow, scenarios training sessions and supporting communication products.


  • Met compliance obligations for Cyber legislation in 4 months
  • Initiated a mindset shift across SM that ‘security is everyone’s business’
  • Consistently embedded the security framework across 10 teams.
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