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Meals on Wheels SA

An innovative organisation with a proud history founded in 1954. Since then, they have delivered over 50 million meals to South Australians.


Meals on Wheels SA(MoWSA) has introduced a new strategic plan with an exciting growth ambition, including several possible scenarios: new service offerings and expanding community support in response to regulatory reform in 2024.


Fire up was engaged to facilitate a series of sessions with the MoWSA executive team and other leaders to identify change needs and expectations of leaders to ‘lead through change’. Then to design a program to build capacity in all leaders across the organisation, including;

  • A practical leadership development program for all levels with practical tools and resources to effectively navigate change and drive performance improvements
  • Facilitated a collaboration session to innovate and enhance service offerings across all sites around a challenging strategic goal.
  • A plan to connect the dots between strategy implementation with fast feedback loops, measures and enhanced governance 
  • Produce a branded leadership playbook, including why, how, and what collateral to ‘bring the changes to life.’


  • Uplifted the capacity of leaders to ‘lead through change’. 
  • Developed champion team ready to build the capacity of the front-line leaders to improve performance and adopt change
  • Aligned and engaged over 80% of leaders and teams on an integrated plan to bring the strategy to life
  • Facilitated a collaborative session with representatives from across the organisation to scope out a wicked challenge
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