Get Rapid Results in Your First 90 Days

Is it a perfect storm ahead ?     

‘Your aircraft is heading straight for the storm, the rain is crashing down, lightning ahead with powerful gusts of wind buffeting the airframe….as the new captain you’ve got a short time to safely navigate your team and aircraft through to clearer conditions….”   

Sound familiar?

We’re certainly in turbulent times. 

You’ve been asked to set a course towards the future. Yet, there’s still so much uncertainty. 

You are in the hot seat. 

As the captain you know you need to start to deliver real results in next 90 days, while still tackling the storm. 

Are you like many of us looking at a major reset to be future fit; to immediately streamline your operations, improve workforce flexibility or restructure and reduce costs? Or is this the time to scale up a new strategy and reinvent your organisation?

So how can you quickly get traction? 

It’s certainly a challenge. 

Our organisations these days seem so complex. Burdened with regulatory overhead and a myriad of stakeholders to satisfy, many of us are leading organisations at least 6 x more complex than 50 years ago.

Your workforce challenges may also be overwhelming.  

There’s no budget for expensive consultants, but you know that’s not the answer. 

You can get rapid results in 90 days if you:

1. Don’t just fall back to what you know. It’s tempting to just push things through. Pushing change through risks breaking your people. And it could even break your organisation, particularly if it adds even more complexity. 

2. Invest in your people. You don’t really need any more consultants or frameworks. Empower the smart people you already have. They’ll have many of the answers, and if you listen to them some good ideas for ‘early wins’. You just need to equip your leaders to champion the change with their teams. 

3. Get a 90 day ACTION PLAN for RAPID RESULTS. Don’t settle for anything less. You need a flight plan that guarantees some ‘early wins’ for results in less than 90 days. You also need absolute clarity on the next steps on your transformation journey. 

Take a moment to reflect Are you set up for success? How are you going to get traction? Do you have some clear next steps ? 

If you’d like to talk it through, feel free to book a discovery call below. 


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