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Our cost-effective suite of packaged services get you moving quickly in small steps that deliver immediate results. They are a blend of human-centred organisation change, leadership development & leading design and innovation tools and practices. 
Quick Start | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions
Set your organisation change journey up for rapid success

We'll help you conduct an initial review of your change needs, apply our Fire up formula™, and you'll get an actionable plan, guides/tools and business case for your change in 48 hours.

Fire Up | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions
Create momentum as your leaders actively sponsor the change

We'll get your leaders firing as one team, scope the change, and equip them to lead a 'whole of organisation' change and engage others for rapid buy-in.

Focus | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions
Engage more people to shape your change & focus the effort to scale

We'll ensure you have everything you need to sharpen the focus of your change: listening to your customer/employee/partner needs, focusing the effort and 'connecting it up' ready to scale.

Scale Up | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions
Successfully scale-up your organisation change

We'll help you engage everyone for collective effort with our menu of services including coaching, facilitation and specialist support to meet your unique needs.

Quick Start | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions

Set your organisation change journey up for rapid success

Get immediate traction with our QuickStart package. We’ll help you assess where you are on the journey, identify your needs, and then apply our Fire up formula™ and you'll get an actionable plan and business case in 48 hours.

Half Day Workshop

In Person or Virtual

Our QuickStart offer is an in-person or virtual 3-hour workshop explicitly designed for sponsors of significant change in organisations with high levels of complexity and regulation.

During this session with a Fire Up transformation expert, we'll work with you to develop a clear actionable plan and business case for both transformation and your workforce challenges. You'll discover:

  • How with our simple 3-part formula you can free up capacity and fire up your people to deliver rapid change
  • The crucial ingredients for scaling up your change
  • Your four critical stakeholder roles
  • When and how to engage your stakeholders
  • Your essential next steps to get traction
  • Your ROI and self-funding options
Fire Up | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions

Create momentum as your leaders start to sponsor your change

Continue to build momentum for your change with our Fire up package™. We'll get your leaders firing as one team to scope the change and equip them to engage others for enthusiastic buy-in, including:
  • Take a 360° view of organisation readiness with a Fire up™ Organisation Scan Assessment to scope your change.
  • Get your team ready to sponsor the change, in a series of intensive workshops:

    – Get aligned on the scope - the why, how and what 
    Lift your ability to operate effectively as 'one team' 
    – Your leaders will learn how to Fire up your people to scale-up rapid organisation change

  • Tailor an executive playbook to engage others with visuals:

    – Key messages 
    – Steps on the journey 
    – Case for change 

Fire up package™ | Fire Up Solutions
Focus | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions

Engage more people to shape your organisation change & focus the effort

Get everything you need to sharpen the focus of your change, including listening to your customer/employee needs and getting your leaders ready to scale up 'connected' change. This package is an experiential journey facilitated by us, we'll help you to:
  • Get your leaders ready with Fire up™ tools and practices to take ownership of the change and empower their teams
  • Engage and listen to customers, employees and partners to tap into their experience
  • Refocus the change effort on 2-3 ‘big rocks’, with a review of your organisation (if needed)
  • Work together to develop a 'big picture' view of your change so everyone is on the same page.
  • Build out the detail that ladders up to the 'big picture'
  • Tailor the leadership team playbook to guide the journey

In your tailored leadership playbook, your leaders will have everything they need to bring to life an engaged and connected change, including:

  • An inspiring narrative
  • Visual communication tools
  • Light touch governance and feedback processes
  • A realistic, integrated change plan
  • A connected 'big picture' and how everything ladders up
  • Recommendations on any further help you may need to maintain the momentum and empower your people to scaleup change
Tailored Leadership Playbook | Fire Up Solutions
Scale Up | Our Services | Fire Up Solutions

Successfully scale up organisation change

We'll be by your side as you scale up your change with your fully tailored plan and leadership team playbook. You can tap into our support you need as you engage everyone in a collective effort to scale up change and sustain the momentum. Our range of services include:
  • Leadership Team effectiveness
    Leadership Team Effectiveness

    Clarify team purpose, work better together and partner with others for collective & rapid action

  • Leader coaching and mentoring
    Interim Executives, Coaching & Mentoring

    Guide change and lift performance with our accredited coaches and highly experienced interim executive appointments

  • Visual communication
    Visual Communications

    Create messages, visual communication & videography tools to motivate and inspire action 

  • Workforce
    Workforce design

    Improve workforce resilience (mix, retention, demand planning), design and plan for the future

  • innovation and design forums
    Innovation and design forums

    Design and facilitate experiential forums: reimagining the future vision, design service blueprints and co-design new ways of operating

  • Assessments

    Assess your progress against our Fire up Change Maturity Model™ and agreed impact and outcome measures


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